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School of 10X | taught by Sabrina and Scarlett Cardone

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Welcome to the School of 10X for Kids! The lessons here are FREE!!!!

You can also purchase the following:

10X Kids

E-Book Download $9.95

10X Ted Goes to 10X Town

Welcome to a small story about a very large idea.This compelling modern-day parable tells the story of Ted, who dares to leave behind X Town to pursue his 10X Life. You, too, can make a 10X Life. Every kid has a dream to pursue. Let Grant Cardone show you how to rise above average, push past your fears, and overcome the things that keep you from living your Super Life.


E-Book Download $9.95

A New Twist to an Old Fable

Everyone has heard the famous parable of the tortoise and the hare. It teaches kids everywhere that patience is a virtue—that slow and steady wins the race. Grant Cardone shows you the real truth. You don't want to be the tortoise in life. This is a lesson every kid should learn from a young age!

Super Young Hustlers

E-Book Download $9.95

Stevie Spray and the Perfect Pitch

Brand new fictional series based on a boy in a middle class family who is looking to achieve financial freedom. This is a great chapter book for any kid interested in business and entrepreneurship.

The Millionaire Booklet for Kids

E-Book Download $9.95

How to Get Super Rich

Taken from Grant Cardone's best selling Millionaire Booklet, this goes over the 8 steps to to get rich—re-written so that kids can grasp the concepts held within.

10X Planner For Kids

Hardcopy to Ship $29.95

This ain’t your daddy’s planner.

The 10X Planner for kids is for the kid entrepreneur to plan and organize. It will get their head right, get them goal oriented, and target focused everyday.

10X Kids Flashcards

Set of 25 phrases. $15.95

Use these premium flashcards to help every child have the right attitudes early in life.

10X Kids Package

E-Books for download $29.95

Get all four kid's ebooks— 10X Kids, Smoked, Super Young Hustlers, and The Millionaire Booklet for Kids!

Sabrina and Scarlett  Cardone
Sabrina and Scarlett Cardone

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Pick Up After Yourself
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Going to School
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